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Hey all!

As sort of a J-drama review-ish thing when my internet was down, I wrote a commentary over the first part of the Nodame Cantabile Special you can find at my LJ.

Strong with the fake cuts young Skywalker is...


Review: SUMMER TIME Single--News

My first real review, yay!

NEWS' brand new single SUMMER TIME has been released on the internet courtesy of, ahem, various people.  How they ever got it, I'll never know.  But I envy them.  I was so excited to finally have it, that I decided to write a review on the single, song by song.


First song on the single.  If you've heard some of NEWS' other stuff, it sounds like "WeeeeK" only more vacationish sounding.  This song is currently the theme for the RUSS-K commercials featuring (who else?) NEWS.  This song is really fun to just sing and dance around to, and the lyrics are cute.  They talk about falling in love during summer time.  Like summer love.  The PV for the song is pure love.  Here's the link for the Summer Time PV with Subs.  The great thing about NEWS is that they're all so different you constantly have to watch to see what each person is doing.  You have to watch the PV over and over to watch everyone and see the hilarious things they do.  Especially watch Ryo-chan (who's wearing the RIDE shirt) because he does some pretty funny stuff.


My first thougt was "Is this Arashi?" because this song is incredibly Arashi-like with some V6 thrown in.  It's slightly different than NEWS' usual pop-style, but it's a nice song.  It's the kind of song you hear and want to just keep smiling.  It's in the vein of songs like "Happiness," "UTAO UTAO," and "Nanto ka na rusa."  It's an easy, breezy sounding song that you can listen to while riding with the top down in your car to the beach.  If you like Arashi, though, this is a good song for you.  I can easily see it being done by Arashi.  Hey, how about News and Arashi team up to perform this song!


I had expected this song to be kind of R and B-ish or sexy-pop sounding like "Kimi Orofu Yoru," but it's actually sounds more like the band Boys Like Girls.  It's a fast-paced, guitar-filled rock song, and the chorus is just so darn catchy that this could have been a NEWS single on its own.  Another very summer-sounding song.  I get the feeling the songs were chosen for this single based on the whole "summer time" feeling.  Songs you'd like to listen to while driving or at the beach.  This is my favorite song on my whole single apart from SUMMER TIME.  Some people have commented that it's not like NEWS' style, and compared to their stuff on the Touch album and Pacific, it is quite different.  But it's a good different.  NEWS should do more songs like this.


Called the "KATTUN-style song," and it really is.  It's more punk-sounding and hard rock than their other stuff, and it definitely sounds like some stuff KATTUN has done.  In fact, listening to it at this moment, I can imagine KATTUN singing this song.  Despite that, I find the song incredibly addicting.  I get the feeling that Ryo-chan may have helped in the writing of this song.  I've seen several comments of people who liked Tegoshi's solo part, but I honestly don't find it remarkable.  My favorite part is the totally English bridge that goes, "I don't care what's the truth, I don't care what's a lie" twice and then Yamapi going, "But I care what you are."  I believe this is what he said, and in pretty good English, I might add.

All in all, this is an excellent single full of sparkly goodness.  You can find it for download at pacificmelody, jpop-uploads, or news_jpop.  Also you can order both the Limited and Regular editions from CDJapan, which contributes to the Oricon ratings.  I encourage everyone to order the single and help keep NEWS on top!

Until next time, tomodachi!

Vampire Knight Episode 2 Review

Our first joint review!  In the form of an IM conversation while watching Vampire Knight episode 2 on Crunchyroll.  Please excuse our foolishness.  Names have been changed to our LJ names.  All opinions are our own.

Right before we start (had technical difficulties):

  Saa, no-
areea-chan:  hang on a second
areea-chan:  okay ready?
princessstar:  Uh!
areea-chan:  eh?
princessstar:  Go?
areea-chan:  go....
areea-chan:  NOW
princessstar:  YES

Episode starts:

princessstar:  Starting the episode with halfnekkid zero
areea-chan:  the song really is good for the opening
princessstar:  EXCELLENT
princessstar:  again, it's growing on me

areea-chan:  the ending, i maintain, is incredibly creepy
princessstar:  IT's not even the mindfucked Yuki that bugs me
princessstar:  It's the dancing reflection

areea0405: really? why?
princessstar:  dunno
princessstar:  It just seems creepier

areea-chan:  that's the only part of it i kind of liked
princessstar:  I think that it's the collasping at the end

Beginning theme song ends:

princessstar:  oh, they left it as Valentine's Day
princessstar:  Yay, the Class Rep shows up early!
areea-chan:  mmm, Zero
princessstar:  MIYANO-SAMA!
areea-chan: he does have a hot voice
princessstar: He's hot in reallife tooooooo
areea-chan: lol

We watch for awhile:

princessstar: See, I think they're SAYING St. Xoctal's Day, but the translators just put in Valentine's
princessstar: hehehe

princessstar: See, once they get to where the manga is, all comedy flies out the window

Yuki gives chocolates to the Chairman, and he goes all lovey on them:

areea-chan: lol, the chairman
areea-chan: i love him
princessstar: I love the Chairman
princessstar: He's one of my favorites next to Aido.

Cut to next scene with girls outside Night Class Dorm:

princessstar: ooo
princessstar: They're moving up chapters, that's nice.
princessstar: Ichijo!
areea-chan: heh, it's so much like the manga
princessstar: It is, but they do change it up
areea-chan:  i'm remembering the manga
princessstar: Which is nice
princessstar: I just read this two hours ago

Zero sees Yuki making chocolate:

princessstar: ....wow. I just realized the significance of the title
areea-chan: Vampire Knight?
princessstar: Yeah.
princessstar: Referring to both Zero and Kaname (although the latter's a right bastard)

Zero is having trouble with his "cravings":

princessstar: Oh, sexy suffering Miyano-sama.
areea-chan: poor Zero
princessstar: I wanna watch the Prince of Tennis musicals with Miyano-sama?
princessstar: XD
princessstar: I miss Miyano's wackiness
princessstar: (Next week at club is "KYOUYA! KYOUYA! MON AMI!")

Yuki gets all serious with the rules during the chocolate-giving:

areea-chan: hehe, Yuki
princessstar: See, the first few episodes are really misleading
princessstar: because there's all this wackiness
princessstar: I love Ichijo.

Class Rep tries to give chocolate:

princessstar: XD
princessstar: Class Rep.
areea-chan: lol, wrong day, man
princessstar: Next month.
areea-chan: yep
areea-chan: heh, last night I was watching Gokusen 2, and there was an episode about Valentine's Day
areea-chan: and then there was one about White Day
princessstar: best White Day episode is in Furuba

Zero throws Yuki's chocolate to Kaname:

princessstar: Yay Zero
princessstar: Aishiteru, Miyano-sama!

Zero sees Yuki's neck:

areea-chan: ooh, it's blood lust
princessstar: YAY

Kaname only keeps Yuki's chocolate:

princessstar: Kaname.
princessstar: GRR>

Zero at the stables:

princessstar: I'm glad they brought in the horse earlier too
princessstar: *pets Zero*
areea-chan: who would be good to play Zero in a live-action version?
princessstar: I want a Zero plushie now.
princessstar: dunno

areea-chan: he reminds me of someone
princessstar: ICHIJO ILU
areea-chan: kind of like...Oguri Shun
princessstar: He's got the most chocolates.

Zero confronts some of the Night Class:

princessstar: PWNED
areea-chan: hehe
princessstar: I love it when Miyano-sama gets all dark
princessstar: Wait, Kain and Aido are fire and ice?
princessstar: *siiiiigh*
areea-chan: ooh
princessstar: Sorry, I love them but...slight fail
princessstar: I would love to cosplay as Yuki

Yuki reflecting on Zero, and subsequent scene in bathroom:

areea-chan: for some reason I love the word "soshite"
princessstar: aww...Zero.
areea-chan:  ooohhhh
areea-chan: aww
princessstar: I love the bit where she feeds him
areea-chan: lol
areea-chan: blood lust!
princessstar: Zero is officially up there with Kyouya
princessstar: *shimmies to edge of seat*
princessstar: Do iiiiiit.
princessstar: Damn.
areea-chan: he's not that far gone yet

Kaname talks with Night Class:

princessstar:  Ichijo is much prettier in the anime
princessstar: *wants to rip off Zero's clothes.*

The Creepy End Theme:

areea-chan: oh god, creepy ending
princessstar: AUGH creepy song
areea-chan: but yet, i must watch it
princessstar: SKip ahead to preview?
areea-chan: it's not so bad at first
princessstar: After episode two or so, I start skipping the OP and ed.

areea-chan: hehe, your least favorite part with the dancing
princessstar: It's creepy.
princessstar: RIGHT NOW
areea-chan: it is a little
areea-chan: NOW it's majorly creepy
princessstar: The evil vampire bunny amuses me.
areea-chan: evil cuteness
princessstar: Yes!
princessstar: Cute but evil
areea-chan: there's no preview
princessstar: Evens things out.
princessstar: oh yeah
princessstar: They don't do that
areea-chan: dang

Reading back over it, we're insane.  Vampire Knight is shaping up to be an awesome anime.  Join us for another review next week!  And hopefully more reviews from certain people (i.e. me).

Areea-chan's J-Drama List

*looks through icons*

*contemplates which J-drama icon to use*

*giggles at Nagase as a yakuza and chooses icon from Tiger and Dragon*

So, I finally finished the J-drama I started last year one night when I was bored in class.  I knew this day would come, so I prepared a new list over winter break.  I basically just looked up every actor I love and picked dramas based on what actors are in them.  Some I picked just because they sounded good, too.  So, here's a taste of what I'll be reviewing in J-Pimp until, well...I finish this list.

69 movie
Slow Dance
Tokyo Friends
Swan no Baka
Kanojo ga Shinjyatta
Mukodono 2003
Big Money!
Strawberry on the Shortcake
Great Teacher Onizuka
Gokusen 2
Dance Drill
Attention Please!
Kirakira Kenshui
Water Boys
Water Boys 2
Be With You
Swing Girls
Ai no Uta
Hanayome wa Yakudoshi
Sushi Oji!
Suekko Chounan Ane Sannin
Shin Oretachi no Tabi
Romeo and Juliet
Boku dake no Madonna
Taiyou no Kisetsu
Mop Girl

At the end of every review, I'll be posting where you can find the drama.  Most of them are on d-addicts, crunchyroll, or aznv.tv.  Links are on the sidebar.  Some you have to download piece by piece, so I'll be posting links to the downloads.

Well, that's all for today.  Lanee and I will be posting reviews soon.  Don't forget to catch Honey and Clover every Tuesday night on Fuji TV at 9:00 PM (21:00 PM)!  *shameless pimping of Toma's drama*