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Review: SUMMER TIME Single--News

My first real review, yay!

NEWS' brand new single SUMMER TIME has been released on the internet courtesy of, ahem, various people.  How they ever got it, I'll never know.  But I envy them.  I was so excited to finally have it, that I decided to write a review on the single, song by song.


First song on the single.  If you've heard some of NEWS' other stuff, it sounds like "WeeeeK" only more vacationish sounding.  This song is currently the theme for the RUSS-K commercials featuring (who else?) NEWS.  This song is really fun to just sing and dance around to, and the lyrics are cute.  They talk about falling in love during summer time.  Like summer love.  The PV for the song is pure love.  Here's the link for the Summer Time PV with Subs.  The great thing about NEWS is that they're all so different you constantly have to watch to see what each person is doing.  You have to watch the PV over and over to watch everyone and see the hilarious things they do.  Especially watch Ryo-chan (who's wearing the RIDE shirt) because he does some pretty funny stuff.


My first thougt was "Is this Arashi?" because this song is incredibly Arashi-like with some V6 thrown in.  It's slightly different than NEWS' usual pop-style, but it's a nice song.  It's the kind of song you hear and want to just keep smiling.  It's in the vein of songs like "Happiness," "UTAO UTAO," and "Nanto ka na rusa."  It's an easy, breezy sounding song that you can listen to while riding with the top down in your car to the beach.  If you like Arashi, though, this is a good song for you.  I can easily see it being done by Arashi.  Hey, how about News and Arashi team up to perform this song!


I had expected this song to be kind of R and B-ish or sexy-pop sounding like "Kimi Orofu Yoru," but it's actually sounds more like the band Boys Like Girls.  It's a fast-paced, guitar-filled rock song, and the chorus is just so darn catchy that this could have been a NEWS single on its own.  Another very summer-sounding song.  I get the feeling the songs were chosen for this single based on the whole "summer time" feeling.  Songs you'd like to listen to while driving or at the beach.  This is my favorite song on my whole single apart from SUMMER TIME.  Some people have commented that it's not like NEWS' style, and compared to their stuff on the Touch album and Pacific, it is quite different.  But it's a good different.  NEWS should do more songs like this.


Called the "KATTUN-style song," and it really is.  It's more punk-sounding and hard rock than their other stuff, and it definitely sounds like some stuff KATTUN has done.  In fact, listening to it at this moment, I can imagine KATTUN singing this song.  Despite that, I find the song incredibly addicting.  I get the feeling that Ryo-chan may have helped in the writing of this song.  I've seen several comments of people who liked Tegoshi's solo part, but I honestly don't find it remarkable.  My favorite part is the totally English bridge that goes, "I don't care what's the truth, I don't care what's a lie" twice and then Yamapi going, "But I care what you are."  I believe this is what he said, and in pretty good English, I might add.

All in all, this is an excellent single full of sparkly goodness.  You can find it for download at pacificmelody, jpop-uploads, or news_jpop.  Also you can order both the Limited and Regular editions from CDJapan, which contributes to the Oricon ratings.  I encourage everyone to order the single and help keep NEWS on top!

Until next time, tomodachi!

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